“Cloudburst” and “Kiva” published in Austin Makes a Book ©2010


These clouds, shaking down big fat drops of rain
like prayers fallen back to earth
Globes of water splatting on my windshield,
sliding luxuriously down to wipers
then flung back to the torrent

My prayers for the gasping trees, for the withered flowers and straw
that used to be grass, have been answered

Thanks be to that which I cannot see, into whom I empty my heart,
who brings the hummingbirds to drink nectar in my backyard
given new life by the cloudburst that broke the endless summer heat


In this Kiva,
my womb of dreams,
The ancestors come
with gifts of wisdom
Woven into the fabric of my mind
like a shimmering shawl

I rest in this place,
My deserts and oceans at peace
with my mountains and forests
Knowing that we are little earths
dancing round the Sun
in a galaxy full of singing stars

For the light that caresses
the Kiva’s depths
Is home to the Holy Spirit
Breathing life into light
while loving One and All

Moved to tears

I sat in the morning sun watching the garden grow
Light glistening on spider webs
spun in moon’s rays just hours ago
Hummingbird gulped nectar
fueling its dizzy, spiraling flight

The light found me, seeping into my essence,
opening the eye that sees behind the veil
I saw the breath of earth, rising to meet radiating
needles of light, knitting the fabric of life
growing around and through me

So infused was I, witnessing this moment of creation
that tears fell softly down my cheeks
Moving beyond sorrow or joy
Naked in the presence of my Soul

The breath and the light, commingled
In loving recognition that moments
such as these are rare glimpses beneath
the endless parade of dos and don’ts
that occupy our daily lives

In the garden, sipping the wine of early morning’s light
I am moved to see what loving hand molds
The day into being

God’s Light

God’s light casts no shadow
Shining soft and true through every dark night
It will be known in love

No subject /object dwell in this place,
Love’s sanctuary
NoThing, EveryThing
Empty, full beyond measure

This heart of hearts
The center of being
Radiates love like the spokes
of a wheel, ever turning
Flinging us into space
Holding creation sacred

For we are creators
Spinning our lives from the Center
Or dizzily, at life’s edge,
the knife that wounds

Return to emptiness
Savoring space
with room for light to shine
In loving awareness
the path brings us to Self

It is the Tao, the Lamb of God, the Void
Heaven, Mecca, Nirvana
Alpha and Omega
Our heritage divine

Plunging into the abyss
In faith and love
Brings joy and charity
In its wake

A homecoming for the soul
Who has come to know
That every journey ends at the beginning


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